The first Earth Day ignited a movement to stop polluting our planet. Today, we are called to #InvestInOurPlanet by responding to the global climate crisis. Our scientists and experts are tackling the most pressing challenges to achieve real-world impact: decarbonization, food security, coastal resilience, disaster preparedness, and many more. This Earth Day, join us in our commitment to realizing a just and sustainable future for our planet.

5 Ways Columbia Climate School Is Working Toward a Better Planet

Celebrating Earth Day

Making a difference on climate change doesn't have to take lots of time or effort. Explore these 37 ways for ideas!

Celebrate Earth Day by having Da Vinci, an artificial intelligence engine created by OpenAI, compose a haiku on the science or nature topic of your choice!


Enjoy some stunning photographs from a few of our many Columbia projects around the world.

Shepherdess in the Highlands of Peru by Gautam Jain

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