Meeting a Moment of Urgency and Opportunity

Earth Day 2021 finds the world more engaged than ever with the need to understand and protect our planet. Columbia is meeting this moment of climate action by marshalling its vast intellectual assets in a first-of-its-kind Climate School, structured to facilitate transformational transdisciplinary solutions. This Earth Day we invite you to explore our world-leading work and to join us in our commitment to creating a more sustainable planet.

Earth Day 2021 - Support Lamont Scientists

This Earth Day, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory invites you to explore our world-leading work, meet our scientists, and join us in our commitment to creating a more sustainable planet.

Meet the Moment with the Earth Institute

This Earth Day, with climate change posing a huge threat to our planet, the Earth Institute is ready to meet the moment.

A School Like No Other | Meet the Columbia Climate School and its Leaders

Meet the leaders of the Columbia Climate School! Jason Bordoff, Ruth DeFries, Alex Halliday, and Maureen Raymo are four of Columbia’s most eminent climate experts.

To help advance the work of our scientists and experts working on our most pressing issues, please consider supporting The Earth Institute and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory today.


Enjoy some stunning photographs from a few of our many Columbia projects around the world.

Waves Breaking on Kangaroo Island, Australia, 2015 (Michael Sandstrom)